Are You in a Relationship with Your Bed? Here are 10 Signs

If you are a bed person, you’re not alone. Most of us can just stay in bed all day than do other things in life – even socializing. A bed is a man and a woman’s best friend. If it is a lover, you can be assured it will never walk out on you, unless you decide to get a new one or it is past its lifespan (usually around 10 years). It will always remain by your side and will be there for you through thick and thin. That totally sounds like someone who is madly in love with their bed. Here are other signs that you adore your bed more than other stuff:

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Why You Should Rotate Your Futon Mattress and How to Do It

A good quality mattress can last for several years, especially when it is well-maintained. Although they are resilient and can withstand a lot of things, they can’t live forever. Futon mattresses are great choices, particularly if you often have visitors and they need a place to sleep in and also when you don’t have enough space for a large bed. They are also ideal for children, making them a versatile yet not-so-expensive mattress.

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Why is Your New Latex Mattress Uncomfortable?

After using your mattress for several years, you finally decided to buy a new one. You have chosen a latex mattress perhaps because it meets your needs better than the other types. There are some advantages of latex mattresses over other kinds, including:

  • Comfort and pain reduction since latex mattresses reduce pressure points
  • Durability, making latex mattresses worth the investment
  • Most mattresses are not too smelly
  • Motion isolation
  • Customizability from top to bottom

After buying the latex mattress, however, you discover that you can’t sleep at night because of it. Tossing and turning is quite common in owners of new mattress. But if it has been days and you still aren’t used to the latex mattress, you’re probably questioning your choice. Did you really make the wrong decision, is there something wrong with the mattress, or do you have to wait for a few days more?

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5 Signs You’re Being a BAD Neighbor

We all have neighbors and we’re all neighbors to persons who live close to us. The good news though is that 67% of homeowners like their neighbors according to a Trulia survey. But you could be one of those in the remaining 33% or your neighbors could be among them.

You can tell if you’re a good neighbor if your neighbors love you. Some people though don’t complain, but before you get to the point where your neighbors bring out their pitchforks to hunt you down and throw you out of the community, here are some mistakes you should know you shouldn’t do:

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5 Tips that will Lead You to the Best Mattress for You

So it’s time for you to replace your mattress. For most people, this is an exhausting and confusing time. With plenty of models and types out there, it is indeed difficult to choose. You don’t want to make an expensive mistake by buying the wrong mattress, right? Here are five tips that will land you the mattress you can comfortably sleep on for 10 years:

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